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05-May-2017 - Purchase of the new boat


I am pleased to announce that I have finally completed the purchase of a new boat, formerly known as Teasing Machine. However it is currently in the South of France, at Port Napoleon near Marseille.

The next task is to arrange transport back to the Solent in time to get some racing done this year. The season has been off to a delayed start but I still expect to be able to qualify for entry in the Fastnet.

There are several transport options and it is not clear which will be the fastest or easiest. Each of them has to take account of the container which comes with the boat and acts as a cradle as well as providing storage. It is already full of sails, spares and all kind of goodies. I hope HYS can accommodate it.

15-Jun-2017 - Leaving Port Napoleon

left PN

Today the boat finally left Port Napoleon.

The timetable slipped in large part because of some structural changes recommended by the surveyor. These were paid for by the previous owner, included as part of the sale contract and carried out by a local contractor at Port Napoleon. They were very competent but the work required removing the mast and involved other delays because of holidays and other commitments.

So in the end the simplest and fastest method for transportation was to get the boat trucked to Port Hamble. There was a further, last minute delay because of problems with the transport company. I am very happy to finally see the new Phosphorus going out through the gate (after they finally managed to get the gate open).

The boat should arrive at HYS within a week. The container-cradle is travelling separately and should be there first.

24-Jun-2017 - In the water and sailing

After a very busy few days we have managed to get the mast back in, stanchions etc. reinstalled and the boat rigged for sailing. This was greatly helped by two of the previous French crew who came to Hamble for the last few days.

We are going out sailing for the first time, despite the weather being far from ideal. Very strong winds this weekend but a bit lighter on Sunday morning.

24-Jul-2017 - Channel Race, first class win

The Channel Race was a demanding race, physically and mentally: over 170 nm in winds over 20 knots, rough seas and strong tides. I won't bother with a blow-by-blow because, despite not having a perfect race we scraped a class win, hopefully the first of many. Despite some issues and still having a lot to learn, the new boat is definitely showing its strengths.

02-Apr-2018 - Easter win

The Easter weekend has been bitterly cold out on the water and also rainy from time-to-time. I was feeling under the weather even before we started. Nonetheless it has been a success, winning the JOG race to Cherbourg (not for the first time). The wind was quite light at times so we didn't have a clue whether we were doing well but it seems we charged across several hours faster than anyone else and just made it in time for dinner. Many boats retired.

The return trip had even lighter winds for most of the day but then the breeze filled in just as we were approaching the Isle of Wight. So not favourable for the highest rated boat...

27-Sep-2018 - The end of the season

Today the rig has come out and the boat is being packed away for the winter. Various minor jobs to do and a new mainsail in on order.

It's been a busy season and I haven't kept the blog up-yo-date. Results-wise it's been a mixed season, very disappointing early on but with two class wins and other podiums the latter part has been much better. So we are 2nd overall for the season in IRC1 and hopefully carrying some momentum into 2019. I'm looking forward to next season already...