Having already done 3 events since the Middle Sea Race, we are now (March 2022) half way through the 2022 season. The boat will be returning from the Caribbean in May or June.

The programme for the rest of 2022 is initially based around the RORC offshore race calendar, although shipping delays have curtailed the possible events. But then, in July, I expect to move the boat to the Mediterranean for 3 major events there. It is likely that the boat will be based at Port Napoleon in France and returned there after each of the three events.

The programme below is based on the Notice of Race from RORC plus web site info for the Med events. Dates may be subject to change but as of now (June 2022) changes should be unlikely. The RORC 2022 Notice of Race gives further details for each of the races, including dates, start times and rough courses):

2022 RORC NoR (RORC web site)

The key events are in bold below; the others are less certain. (Ones in italics are just for information.)

One uncertainty: the Channel Race is at the end of July, conflicting with the Baltic Race. It is however only 4 weeks before the Palermo-MC race which may be too tight for the delivery. So, this race is unlikely but I'm not completely ruling it out. Ideally I would prefer to leave for the Med before then.

Event Date Location/comments
RORC Morgan Cup Friday 17 June
July RORC Dinard-St Malo Race Friday 08 July Cowes - St Malo
RORC Baltic Sea Race 21 July
RORC Channel Race Saturday 23 July Cowes - Around Marks
Palermo MC race 19 August Palermo - Monte Carlo
September Voiles de St. Tropez Saturday 24 September to 1 October Coastal racing
October RORC Rolex Middle Sea Race Saturday 22 October Valletta - round Sicily - Valletta