The programme for the first part of 2020 is mostly based around the RORC offshore race calendar, of which the Round Ireland Race will be a highlight. But then, in July, the boat will be moved to the Mediterranean for 3 major events there. It is likely that the boat will be based at Port Napoleon in France and returned there after each of the three events.

The programme below is based mostly on the Notice of Race from RORC and JOG, etc. Dates may be subject to change but as of now (January 2020) changes should be unlikely. The RORC 2019 Notice of Race gives further details for each of the races, including dates, start times and rough courses):

2020 RORC NoR (RORC web site)

To these races I have added the date of Med events as precisely as possible and as publicised in Jan 2020.

The key events are in bold below; the others are less certain. (Ones in italics are just for information.)

There should be a shakedown and testing weekend early in the season for some new sails.

A couple of changes in the RORC calendar are worth mentioning. Firstly, because of the way that public holidays fall in the Netherlands and the UK this year, the North Sea Race is on the same weekend as the Myth of Malham. So, although I would normally do the NSR, this year it won't be possible. Secondly, the Morgan Cup (a race with a variable destination) is going to Cork (Ireland) which will make the race longer than usual (and mean it starts during the week). The logic is that the following week is Cork Week, including the IRC championships, so boats doing the race can stay for the inshore racing. Unfortunately, the next weekend is the St. Malo race so it will not be possible to stay for Cork Week without missing the other race.

Event Date Location/comments
April Shakedown weekend TBA Sea trials in the Solent for the new jibs etc., possibly including a WSS race on the Sunday
JOG NJO Sails Cherbourg races Friday 10 + Sunday 12 April
(Easter weekend)
Cowes - Cherbourg - Cowes, one race there, one back, Saturday in Cherbourg
May RORC Cervantes Trophy Friday 8 May Cowes - Le Havre
RORC Myth of Malham Saturday 23 May Cowes - Eddystone - Solent
June RORC De Guingand Bowl Saturday 6 June Cowes - Around Marks
RORC Round Ireland Race Saturday 20 June Cowes - Dieppe
July RORC Morgan Cup Wednesday 8 July Cowes - Cork
RORC Dinard-St Malo Race Friday 17 July Cowes - St Malo
August Palermo MC race Tuesday 18 August Palermo - Monte Carlo
September Voiles de St. Tropez Saturday 26 September to 4 October Coastal racing
October RORC Rolex Middle Sea Race Saturday 17 October Valletta - round Sicily - Valletta