The previous boat
phosphorus i seen from leeward

The first Phosphorus was a silver-hulled Rodman JV42 race yacht, designed by Judel & Vrolijk, built in 2003 by Rodman in Spain and acquired by Mark Emerson in July 2011. (Previously the boat had raced as "Beluga Sailing Team" in Germany, under the ORC rating system.) Over the course of several seasons many changes were made to the boat, fitting a bowsprit, switching to masthead asymmetric spinnakers, changing the cockpit layout, tweaking here and there.

From 2012 until mid-2015 the boat raced in UK and surrounding waters, mostly offshore races in the RORC series, in IRC1. The team had several successes during this time including multiple podium finishes, resulting in 3rd place for the season points in 2012 and 4th in 2014. A particular highlight of the 2014 season was the Round Ireland Race (2nd in class/6th overall).

phosphorus racing

In 2015 Phosphorus I went to the Mediterranean and took part in several epic events, culminating in the Thousand Islands Race in Croatia at the end of 2016. This turned out to be a very memorable week during which we managed to win the overall race:

Tracker leg 1
Tracker leg 2

The first Phosphorus was a pleasure to sail, very balanced and well-behaved. Many crew had the opportunity to take part in some great races in the UK and the Med. So we have many fond memories carried forward.